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Rad Upload 4.12 is the most recent version and license holders of version 3.0 through version 3.12 can download V4.12 free of charge.

Updates for version 3.00 through 3.12

Though our official update policy is to provide free updates for a period of one year, we will give you a free upgrade if your license is for version 3.0 or newer. To download the new version, please login to your account and follow the updates link. Alternatively you can enter your order number in the box below.

If you do not have a Rad Inks account, signed up after you purchased the license or you have forgotten your order number please Contact Us and we will arrange a special download link for you.

Version 1.0 to 2.22

If the version that you ordered is 2.22 or older, you can obtain the current version by paying an update fee of USD 20.00 . This payment will entitle you to download all updates released with in the next year free of charge. Please enter your order number in the box above.

Rad Upload Lite

The lite edition is available as a free download.. You can follow the link given above to obtain version 4.12 of the lite edition free of charge.

Recursive folder upload with drag and drop and SSL encryption.

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