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Rad Upload is Source Available Software and not Open Source software.

This distinction allows you to integrate our applet with your own components and not have to open up your source code.

Java Source Code for Rad Upload and Rad Upload Plus

Though most users only need a license for the compiled binary versions, the source code is available if you need to customize the software. You may find the code to be usefull if you wish to integrate it with your own applications.

Please note that the apearence of Rad Upload can be changed very easily just by changing the HTML of the page that hosts the applet and the server side upload handler. You need a source code license only to modify the behaviour of the applet. Alternatively you may contract us to perform any modifications for you.

The java source code for the Standard Edition is priced at $499.00 per web site while the code for the Plus Edition is priced at $799.00 per web site. This allows you to install the compiled applet on one website or computer only. If you need to install the applet on multiple websites you can buy additional (binary code) licences @ USD 49.00 (Standard Ed.) or 69.00 (Plus Ed.) each. Volume discounts are also available. You can also ask for a royalty free redistribution license for the binaries.

You cannot redistribute the unmodified or modified source code. Finally we ask that you do not remove the copyright notice.


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