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Upload Events and Javascript


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Both the Standard and Plus editions of Rad Upload can now be configured to call a javascript method once upload has been completed. The signature of this function should be:

function uploadCompleted();

The applet itself exposes two methods which can be called by javascripts and their signatures are as follows:

public int getUploadStatus();
public String getResponse();

getUploadStatus() will return 1 (one) if the file transfer completed successfully. This method should only be called from the uploadCompleted() funtion because the return value has no real meaning if an upload is currently in progress

In the case of an HTTP transfer; the getResponse() method will return the exact response returned by your server side handler script minus the headers. When operating in FTP mode the return value will be a listing of the contents of the folder where the files have been placed.

The download bundle includes a file named script.js which includes a sample uploadCompleted() function. You can modify this script to suite your requirements.

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