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Drag and Drop upload and HTML forms.


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In the old days, the only way you could upload files was to select them one at a time using an HTML form. Then came Rad Upload. Our applet allows you to upload thousands of files and folders simply by dragging them from your desktop to the browser. But what if you need to gather additional input using an HTML Form? read on to find out.

Rad Upload Plus can be directly embedded into an HTML form. When used this way the applet will start uploading only when the 'submit' button is clicked. When the user drags the files across, they are placed in a queue, she can then fill in whatever input fields the website owner wants her to fill in. The user can click the submit button to start the upload when ready.

The HTTP POST that the applet sends to the server side handler will be a combination of file and form data. This is known as a multi-part message. The message can be separated quite easily at the server. This is something that you will be quite familiar with as a web developer or an advanced web designer. Sample code provided to make things even easier.

Obviously; because HTML forms can only be processed by Web Servers and not by FTP servers you need to use the applet as an HTTP uploader instead of an FTP uploader. You also need to switch on the 'que and upload' feature of the applet by enabling the queue setting. Rad Upload makes use of java - javascript interaction to collect the form data. The javascript used for this purpose is included in the download.

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