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Rad Upload Plus has evolved into a very advanced file upload system with many features. It includes all the features you find and the lite and standard versions such as recursive folder upload plus the ability to resume an interrupted upload. Despite being such powerfull tool the applets still loads up almost instantly.

Features common to the Free, Standard and Plus editions

Drag and Drop

Visitors to your website will love being able to upload even thousands of files just by dragging them from a folder on their computer to the applet. There is no more need to select files one at a time.

Multiple File Chooser

Users addicted to the 'browse' buttons in HTML forms will not be disapointed either Our applet has one too. However unlike the HTML version our's can be used to select multple files and even folders.

Multiple Progress Monitors and Display Thumbnails

There are four different progress monitors to choose from. They are all client side implementations and do not place any burden whatso ever on the server.

If you operate Rad Upload Plus in 'image upload' mode, the applet will display a thumbnail of each image in the progress bar windows while the file is being uploaded.

Customized error messages

You can easily modify the some of the error and warning messages that pop up by editing the applet configuration file. You can choose to display even a formatted HTML page in the 'drop area' instead of the popup dialog which is the default.

Features found only in the Plus and Standard Editions.

Scale Images prior to upload

This is an invaluable feature if you are running an online photo gallery. Images can be scaled to a predetermined size before they are uploaded saving bandwidth and processor usage. The scale operation is carried out on the client's computer, which takes a load off your server and allows you to serve more clients with the available resources.

Client side filtering

An often asked for feature is the ability to prevent the user from uploading certain types of files. Of course you can easily add a few lines (see the sample) to your server side handler to reject unwanted files but doing the same at the client end saves bandwidth.

Since version 2.0, when you specify a list of allowed types all other file types will be rejected.

Redirect after upload

Another popular request has been the ability to redirect on finishing the file upload. There are two options, you can either change the page displayed with in the applet or redirect the main window or even a frame.
Javascript Notification
When the data fransfer is completed you can trigger off a Javascript event

2Gb in a single transfer

Rad Upload Standard Edition can transfer files with a total size of 2 Giga bytes in a single transfer. It is forced to limit itself to 2Gb because most webservers make use of 32 bit integers and thus they are unable to accept files larger than that. Plus edition can upload virtually unlimited amounts of data.

Gzip Compression

Another bandwidth saving feature of our applet is it's ability to compress the files that are being uploaded.

Features found only in Rad Upload Plus.

HTML Form data

Rad Upload Plus can be integrated with HTML forms so that the content's of the forms input fields will be posted along with file data. See the demo

Resume an Interrupted Upload

If the data transfer is interrupted for whatever reason you can simply restart from where it was left off. No need to resend the whole collection of files all over again.

Virtually Unlimited File Sizes

While conventional HTML form based uploads can handle only a limited amount of data, you can upload even your whole DVD collection with our applet.

Queue and Upload

The transfer does not have to start the moment you drop the files on the applet. They can be placed into a queue for later upload. You can add new items to the queue and remove from it as well.

How to make use of the these advanced features? see the Advanced Configuration guide.


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