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This FAQ attempts to answer questions relating to the advanced configuration settings of Rad Upload and Rad Upload Plus.

How do I scale images?
On the fly image scaling happens when you set the scale_images property to yes and specify non negative values for img_max_width and img_max_height.
Where exactly does the scaling transformation occur, is it on the server or the client computer?
Scaling occurs at the client computer. The scaled image is saved to a temporary file and the original image is left untouched.
Can you scale GIF files?
What image types can be scaled?

GIF, JPEG and PNG images can be scaled. However many installations of the java virtual machine would not be capable or writing a gif file due to patent issues. For this reason when a GIF image is resized it's saved as JPG.

What happens to the EXIF data when an image is scaled?
The current version of Rad Upload Plus does not preserve EXIF data. We plan to add this feature in a future release.
Does image scaling work in FTP mode?
Can the applet redirect to another page when upload is completed?
Yes. Please see the advanced settings page for details.

How do I use an alternative configuration file?

The radupload_properties.txt file is used to configure the advances settings of Rad Upload Plus. If you rename this file you will have to use the props_file parameter to tell the applet about it. eg:

<param name="props_file" value="http://www.radinks.com/upload/properties.php">

Notice that the configuration file does not have to be static, it can be a php script (or any other script) that can dynamically generate a configuration file.

How do I hide the FTP username and password?
To hide the username and password remove the url HTML parameter and define it with in the radupload_properties.txt file. However because the File Transfer Protocol is completely insecure, hiding the ftp account information in this manner is a futile exercise. If you are concerned about security please use SFTP instead.
Is it possible to translate Rad Upload into other languages?

You can easily translate some of the messages into other languages by just editing the radupload_properties.txt file. More information is available on the page titled Customizing The Applet's Response. However it is not possible to translate all the text by editing the properties file, the text with in the progress for example cannot be changed in this manner. One option available is to obtain the source code for Rad Upload and carry out the changes yourself.

Can the applet compress files to save bandwidth?
Yes! please use the gzip setting in the configuration file.
What happens if there is a network error while upload is in progress
The transfer will be interrupted but f you have the resume setting switched on the applet will resume the upload from where it left off.
Does the applet use any external file compression tools or zippers on the client or server to compress files?
Absolutely not, the appplet is capable of compressing files on it's own and most web based scripting languages have built in routines for decompressing gzip files
Why can't you use GZip compression together with Image Resize?

You cannot use these features together primarily because image files such as JPegs and GIFs represent already compressed file types. You will only see a marginal reduction in file size if you attempted to gzip compress them.

The second reason is that comibining these to operations together might take up a considerable amount of processing time.

Can I collect additional form data with a file upload?

Yes indeed. click here to find out how

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