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Automatically compress files before they are uploaded, to save your bandwidth.


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The size of many files can be reduced upto 50-70% by compression. Some others can be reduced to even smaller sizes. That means with compression, your server will be able to handle upto seven times as many files as it handles as the moment. Your clients will also benefit by being able to upload their files much faster than they do now

So how does it work? To make use of this feature you just need to add the following line to your configuration file:

Now when ever users try to upload some files the applet will attempt gzip compress them and save the compressed files in a temporary folder leaving the originals untouched. It is these compressed files that are transferred to the server.

The compression is seamless and transparent to the user. The applet makes use of an internal process to compress the files. That means file compression tools need not be installed on the client computer. Most popular web technologies support the decompression of gzip files. That you means you don't need any zippers to be installed on your server either.

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