Rad Upload 4.0 Change Notes

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Version 4.0 was a major release with significant changes. Most of the features that were previously available only in Rad Upload Plus has been made added to the standard edition. In order to distinguish between the two. we added an exciting new feature to the plus edition; the ability to resume an interrupted HTTP upload.

Changes in Version 4.12

Version 4.12 was released in order to make a new version of the applet that has been signed with the new Rad Inks digital certificate. If you are seeing warnings about expired certificates, and you have not signed the applet with your own digital certificate, you will need to download version 4.12..

Changes in Version 4.10

Version 4.10 is released primarily to keep Rad Upload abreast of changes in browsers and Java Virtual Machines.

Existing users can enter their order number below to download updates.

Feature Enchancements

Proxy Digest Authentication
Previous versions of the applet had difficulty in posting data through a proxy server that required Digest authentication. The new version adds full support for proxies that require digest authentication for both HTTP and HTTP+SSL

Bug Fixes

HTML Forms on Chrome and Safari (Windows)
With the Chrome browser and Safair 4 for Windows, HTML form data was not been posted to the server when the applet was embedded into an HTML form.

Other Changes

Complete Rewrite of Proxy Interaction Code
In recent months many users complained about difficulties in using Rad Upload in networks where all HTTP traffic had to be sent through proxies that require authentication. While the applet has been capable of connecting through proxies that require Basic HTTP authentication for quite sometime, recent changes to browsers and Java Virtual Machines and even some proxy server software lead to incompatibilities in this module. As a result, the proxy interaction module as been completely rewritten and Digest Authentication has also been added in the process

Changes in Version 4.02

Bug Fixes

Redirect After Upload
When the external_redir parameter was set while the applet was used in FTP mode, it failed to take effect under certain circumstances.
FTP Server incompatibilty
Incompatibilities were reported with certain FTP servers that returned non standard banners and welcome messages

Other Changes

New Digital Signature
As already mentioned above, the code signing certificate used on the applet has been renewed

Changes in Version 4.0

Rad Upload Lite

Max Upload Limit Increased

Until now the free version only allowed you to transfer upto a maximum of 512 Kilo Bytes at a time. This limit has been doubled. You can now send upto 1MB

In previous versions, when the maximum allowable size was exceeded, the applet would display the message "Maximum upload size exceeded". You can now use the max_upload_message directive (which was previously available only in the Plus Edition) to display your own custom message instead. It's also possible to embed the message as a web page into the applet box instead of displaying the message as a popup dialog box

A minor bug was reported in client side filtering by file type when FTP was used as the protocol. This issue has been addressed

Allowed types and embedded monitor.
An error was detected when the embeddable monitor option was used with the file types filter. If the user attempts to upload an unacceptable file; the applet's display would change to the progress mo monitor which is not desirable. This bug has been eliminated.
  • Upload thousands of files.
  • Hundreds of folders and sub folders
  • Countless megabytes
  • One simple Drag and Drop.

Changes in the standard edition

Upload Limit.

The maximum upload limit has been increased from 100MB to 2GB.

Client Side Image Resize, Filter by File type and Gzip Compression

Three Features previously available only in the Plus version can now be found in the Plus version as well. These measure help you cut down on your server's bandwidth, processor and memory usage. That in turn enables you to handle a larger number of users with existing resources.

Javascript notication and redirect after upload

Stating from version 4.0 The standard edition will also fire the 'uploadCompleted' javscript notification which many users of Rad Upload Plus have found to be indispensable. Another feature of the Plus edition - redirect after upload has also been added.

Rad Upload Plus

Resumable Uploads

Should an Upload be interrupted for what ever reason the applet will now automatically retry the upload, resuming from where the transfer was interrupted. If the error cannot be recovered from (eg network failure or service outage), you can restart the upload manually and it will still start from where it left off. This new feature can be used in both HTTP and FTP modes.

Bypass server limitations

Certain server configuration directives restrict your ability to upload large files. If you have access to the server configuration files you can change some of those directives to over come those limitations (please refer to our server configuration guide to learn how.

In certain instances it may not be desirable to change those setting or perhaps you may be on a shared server and do not have permissions to change the server settings. The new version of Rad Upload Plus allows you to bypass most of those limitations and upload large files regardless.

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