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This page contains change and release notes for versions of Rad Upload ranging from 3.00 to 3.12. This information is provided for historical purposes. The most recent version of Rad Upload is 4.12 and it's release notes are available here.
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  • Hundreds of folders and sub folders
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The change notes for 3.12

Version 3.12 is primarily a bug fix release.

Bug Fixes

Compatibility with FTP server on Mac OS X

An incompatibility was reported with the default FTP server on the Apple Mac OS X. That incompatibility has been resolved.

Allowed types and FTP.

A minor bug was reported in client side filtering by file type when FTP was used as the protocol. This issue has been addressed

Allowed types and embedded monitor.
An error was detected when the embeddable monitor option was used with the file types filter. If the user attempts to upload an unacceptable file; the applet's display would change to the progress mo monitor which is not desirable. This bug has been eliminated.

The change notes for 3.10

Feature Enhancements and Additions

Two new progress monitors.

With an HTML form based file upload, you don't usually get feedback about upload progress. From day one our uploader had a progress monitor and we added second later on. Now we have added two more giving you four different progress monitors to choose from. The new additions are more suitable for embedding directly into the applet area rather than for use with in their own pop up window.

From beta 2 onwards, we have decided to make these new progress monitors available for users of Rad Upload Lite and Standard editions too.

Embeddable progress monitor

In the past the progress monitor always appeared as a popup. We now give you the option to display the monitor with in applet area itself. When used this way, the applet automatically becomes a single threaded uploader. That is you cannot start a second upload while the first one is still in progress if the monitor has been embedded. Which effectively have a means of switching off the multi threaded nature of our uploader (which a few web site owners did not appreciate).

Easier to configure
Rad Upload Plus has a set of advanced features not found in the other editions. In previous versions the only way to configure these settings was by editing a configuration file. From now on, you can control all settings including the advanced settings through HTML.

Change Notes for Rad Upload 3.02

Bug Fixes

Version 3.02 is a bug fix release.
HTML forms

Rad Upload 3.02 is compatible with Both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0. However it was reported that one of the many features of Rad Upload Plus was incompatible with Firefox 2; Version 3.02 would not interact with an HTML form if the browser was Firefox version 2

The Standard and Lite editions have not been changed

What's new in version 3.01

Bug Fixes

Version 3.01 is a bug fix release.
HTML Forms.

Version 3.0 introduced the ability to embed the applet into an HTML form. When used this way, the applet would collect the data from the form and post it with the files to the server side handler. However firefox users and Safari users complained that the form data was sometimes not correctly processed. Primary purpose of this new release is to address this issue.

Client Side Image Resize

A very small number of users encountered a bug with client side image resize feature. When a value is assigned for the img_max_height property but no value is assigned for the img_max_width property, the applet will only resize an image if it’s height is greater than the value chosen for img_max_height. It was reported that in rare instances resized image did not have the expected height and width. The new release aims to fix this issue.

Change Notes for version 3.0

New Features

Drag now upload later!
With all previous versions of Rad Upload, the transfer starts the moment that files are dropped onto the applet. This new version gives you the option to place the files into a queue without automatically starting the upload. The queue can be expanded by adding more files and shrunk by removing files. The transfer will begin only when the user clicks on the 'send' button.
HTML form data

With Rad Upload, you can always pass additional information to the server side handler by embedding that data into the url. The new version takes things one step further by making it possible to embed the applet into a HTML form. When used in this manner the applet will include the contents of the HTML form into the HTTP POST it sends to the server with the file data.


Feature Enhancements

Image Re-size and JPG quality
Version 2.0 introduced the client side image resize feature which allows images to be resized before upload. Version 3.0 makes it possible to specify the quality of the jpegs that are produced by the scaling transformation.
Client side filtering
Client side filtering has always been a part of Rad Upload. Version 1.x allowed filtering by total file size. In version 2.0 we made it possible to filter by file type. Until now, if an unwanted file type was encountered, the entire batch of files were rejected. With version 3.0 the option is available to either reject the entire collection of files (version 2.x behavior) or to simply ignore the offending file and upload the rest.

Bug Fixes

Javascript notifications

Version 2.20 introduced a new feature that made it possible for you to receive Javascript notifications when file transfer is completed. The applet call a Javascript method named uploadCompleted() to signal that files have been transferred. It would pass the response returned by the server side handler to this Javascript method (function) .

Starting with version 3.0, the applet will no longer directly pass the server response to the Javascript method. Instead you need to call the applet's getResponse() method to retrieve the server response. This change has been forced on us by a shortcoming in certain versions of the Safari browser (available for OS X).

Other Changes

Mod Security
It was reported that previous versions of the uploader would not function as expected when used on Apache webservers with the Mod Security module installed. This issue has been addressed.
Applet loading
The HTML and Javascript used for browser detection and applet loading has been improved to provide greater compatibility and stability.
Configuration file renamed
The plus edition of the applet contains several features such as Gzip compression and client side image resize that can be controlled by editing the applet configuration file. This file which was named radupload.properties was introduced in version 2.0 has now been renamed as radupload_properties.txt. This change was makes it easier to use Rad Upload Plus on IIS web servers.

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