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User Friendly.

A multiple file and folder uploader that can compress files, resize images and filter out the unwanted .

Most users are not comfortable with the un intuitive file uploaders found on many web applications. Rad Upload allows you to replace these cumbersome HTML forms with a more user friendly Drag and Drop upload mechanism. The familiar copy - paste (ctrl-C , ctrl-V) operations can also be used.

Saves Bandwidth.

On traditional file uploaders size limits is checked after the files have been transferred to the server. This results in significant wastage of network resources for you and your visitors.

With Rad Upload, these limits can be checked and enforced before even single byte is transferred. This max upload limit is just one of the numerous settings that you can customize. There are other features that helps you save bandwidth. These include filtering out unwanted file types, compression and image resizing.

Monitor Upload Progress

When using HTML forms with large file up loads, users often have to guess what percentage of data has been posted. This causes confusion and often leads to accidental cancelations. The progress monitor included with the applet makes it possible for your site's visitor to keep track of the progress as it happens.

Version 4.0 Adds add the ability to resume an interupted upload.
You may be eligible for a free upgrade.

Compatible With All Popular Web Technologies

As with normal browser based file uploads Rad Upload relies on an HTTP POST to send the data to your server. Thus any web programming language equipped to handle file upload can be used to process the files once they have been transferred. (Sample scripts are included for PHP and perl). Alternative you may use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Low Cost.

Rad Upload Lite is available free of charge for both commercial and non commercial use. The standard and Plus editions are both reasonably priced (49.00 and 69.00 per licence). Each licence allows you to deploy the applet on a single web site. Talk to us if you require a quote for volume licensing or wish to license the source code.

Both folders and files can be uploaded

Recursively Upload Folders

The Plus version allows you to drag and drop entire folders onto the 'drop target'. Then The applet will transfer each file within the folders and their sub folders. This recursive folder upload can be accepted by any web or FTP server.

Light Weight

With a total size of around 35 Kilo Bytes, the applet can start up almost as fast as a 'traditional' html only file up load page. This small applet can easily transfer thousands of files totalling giga bytes of data.



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