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These change notes apply to both the Applet and Stand alone clients.

If you own a license for an older version you can download your free upgrade from the members area.

Rad Inks SFTP Client - Change Notes for Version 2.01

Bug Fixes.

Column reorder and sort
The applet displays the list of files in tables and the user may change the order in which columns are displayed by dragging them around. When columns are reorded in this manner, it effected sorting. When the table header was clicked onto sort by a particular column, unexpected results were seen. The current version fixes this issue.

Other Changes

New digital certificate
The code signing certifcate used to sign the applet is due to expire on the 9th of June 2008. This new version is signed with a new certificate that is valid till June 10, 2010. All current license holders are advised to download the latest version

Secure FTP Client - Changes in Version 2.01

Feature Enhancements.

Easier Management of Hidden Files
Though previous versions of the applet had a 'show hidden files' option, making use of this feature would mean that hidden files in both the local files table and the remote files table would become visible. Now the settings dialog has been expanded to include two separate toggle buttons for local and remote hidden files.

Other Improvements.

Changing Directories.

The SFTP client makes it very easy to change directories just by double clicking on an item on the file list. However in the previous version, if you double clicked on an item that wasn't a directory, a message would pop up informing you that change directory is not possible. This popup message has been done away with.

Bug Fixes.

Hidden Files.

If you chose the show hidden files option from the configuration menu, the SFTP client would refuse to hide them again. This bug has been fixed

Rad Inks Secure FTP Client - Change notes (V2.0)

Feature Enhancements.

Speed Increase.
File transfer speeds were significantly increased in version 1.60, version 2.0 introduces further speed improvements.
All new menu
A new pull down menu has been added to both the applet and the desktop client. It makes it possible to do away with the applet's tool bar, which will in turn ensure that the applet takes up less space on your web page. Display of the tool bar and/or the menu bar can be switched on or off by changing the applet configuration.
Improved Preferences Dialog.
The new version includes an improved preferences dialog that allows greater control over the behaviour of the applet.
Host key check can be switched off
The host key verification dialog which pop one when the applet connects to the server can be switched off.
More user friendly resume
Version 1.60 introduced the ability to resume interrupted uploads or downloads. Version 2.0 makes this feature more user friendly.

Change Notes for version 1.60

Change Notes for older releases


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