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Both the SFTP applet and the desktop client are interactive file transfer tools and as such does not call for much in the way of configuration directives. The client is provided with a configuration dialog to allow the user to change some of the behaviour of the software

With the applet, it is possible for the webmaster to make use of several configuration parameters to make further modifications to the applet's behaviour. The following parameters can be embedded into the web page that contains the applet or they can be placed with in a separate configuration file named sftp_conf.txt:

Applet Configuration Directives

Default Host

If you want to pre fill the hostname and username fields with default values you can make use of the default_host parameter and the default_user parameter (see below). You can enter either a hostname or an IP address.

Example: <param name='default_host' value='www.radinks.com'>

Default User
By using the default_user parameter you can enter pre fill the username box in the applet's tool bar there by saving the user the trouble of filling it in.
Lock Host and Username
If you wish to prevent users of the applet logging into third party servers using your installation, you can set a value of 'yes' to the default_only property. Then the username and hostname boxes will be disabled and the user will only be able to connect to the server that you define using the default_host property and the username given by default_user
Applet Color

You can enter an alternative value for the background of the applet so that it blends in with the rest of your website. The expected format is similar to that of html color codes.

<param name='bgcolor' value='#FFFFFF'>

Host Key Check

The check_hostkey setting can be used to switch off host key checking if you use this option the applet will not display a confirmation dialog when the hosts identify cannot be verified.

(in the sftp_conf.txt file)

Runtime Configuration

Once the desktop client or the SFTP applet has been launched you can change some of the other settings using the configuration dialog. The configuration dialog can be brought up by clicking on a button on the toolbar.


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