Historical Change Notes.

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Rad Inks Secure FTP Client - Change notes

The current version of the Rad SFTP software is 2.02. This document is for historical purposes only.

These change notes apply to both the Applet and Stand alone clients.

If you own a license for an older version you can download your free upgrade from the members area.

Version 1.60

Feature Enhancements.

Speed Increase.
It was noted that the applet was not running as fast as it could. We identified the bottleneck to be the way in which the progress bar was being updated. Version 1.60 includes a completely different progress bar and as a result the speed of upload and download have seen a big improvement. It should also be added that SFTP file transfers are always slower in comparision to HTTP or FTP file transfers regardless of the client being used.
All new progress bar
As already mentioned the progress bar of the FTP applet was changed to increase the speed of the data transfer but we didn't stop there. The applet now indicates the time elapsed, time remaining as well as the upload speed.
Toolbar background color
In previous version when you used the bgcolor parameter to change the color of the applet, the color change would be restricted to the main body, the toolbar did not change its color. This behavior has been changed and from 1.60 onwards the toolbar will take on the color that is specified with the bgcolor parameter.

Changes in Version 1.50

Feature Enhancements.

Public Key Authentication
The previous versions of the applet only supported keyboard interactive authentication. The user was expected to type in a username and password. The new version of the client will attempt to login using the public key authentication based on the keys stored in your id_dsa file.
Resume Interrupted Uploads and Downloads

This is perhaps the most requested feature since we released our SFTP client more than an year ago. When attempting to carry out an upload or download and a file by the same name exists on the destination folder you now have three choices. You can either over write the existing file, append to the file or simply ignore the file.

The second option; append allows you to resume an interrupted file transfer. If the sizes of the destination and source files are equal, the destination will be unchanged.

Chmod dialog changed

In previous versions of the applet and the desktop client the chmod dialog box did does display the permissions that have already been assigned to a file, the user had to bring up the properties dialog to determine the existing permissions.

The new version displays the current permission with in the chmod dialog box if a single file is selected making the client easier to use

File Transfer Speed Improvement

The speed of both file uploads and downloads have been improved. The change is most noticeable over high speed connections.

Better Connection Reuse

Rad SFTP is a multithreaded client and allows you to carry out several uploads and downloads simultaneously. This results in more than one secure connection being established with the server at any given time.

In all previous versions of the applet a connection pool was maintained and whenever possible an existing idle connection was used instead of opening up new connections. This mechanism has been improved in the new version leading to greater efficiency.

Knows Hosts
From version 1.50 onwards the applet will open your known_hosts files (if one exists) and validate the host key presented by the server against the keys in your file. In previous versions the useruser was always prompted even if the key was present in the known_hosts file.

Changes in recent versions.

Change notes for older versions (1.31 - 1.00)


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