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What is SFTP?
From the unix man page:
"sftp is an interactive file transfer program, similar to ftp, which performs all operations over an encrypted ssh transport".

The Abbreviation SFTP nowadays invariably means Secure File Transfer Protocol, however there is another protocol with the same abbreviation (Simple File Transfer Protocol). All occurrences of the term SFTP on this website ( refers to Secure File Transfer Protocol

Why should I use Secure FTP instead of FTP?
Why is SFTP better than FTP?

Despite the similarity in name the two protocols are completely different.

In FTP all data is passed back and forth between the client and server without the use of encryption. This makes it possible for an evesdropper to listen in and retrieve your confidential information including login details. With SFTP all the data is encrypted before it is sentsent across the network.

What is the difference between your applet and standalone client?

The applet is intended to be installed on your website. This would then allow all members of your organization as well as the visitors to your website to make use of it. If you are an Internet Service Provider you could add value to your service by providing free access to the applet for your clients.

The Standalone Client (Desktop Edition) cannot be installed on a web site and is intended to be used purely as a desktop application.

Can Rad SFTP be installed on windows 95/98/me/2000/XP ?
Yes it can. You need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed. the JRE is available for free download from the java website. You need version 1.4.2 or higher of the JRE for the applet and version 1.4.0 or higher for the standalone client..
Can your SFTP client be installed/used on the Apple Macintosh ?
Yes. It can be used on both Intel and PPC based systems powered by Mac OS X. With very old versions of OS X you will need to have the Java Cryptography Extensions installed as well. You can download the JCE free from the java website and we also recommend the bouncycastle implementation for those who prefer open source software.
Is Rad SFTP available for linux/solaris ?
Yes. You need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed. the JRE is available for free download from the java website. You also need to have the X Window system installed.
What are the system requirements for installing the applet?
Each license of the applet allows you to install it on any single website. It is platform independent and can be installed on all commonly available web servers. Visitors to your site will need the java plug in. The Java plug in is present by default on most desktop computers.
Do I need to have java installed on my web server?
Do I need to have java installed on my SFTP server?
No. The users of the applet or standalone client will need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on their computers, however java does not have to be installed on either the webserver or SFTP server.
Can I integrate the applet or desktop client with my own applications?
Yes. Please contact our sales team and request for distribution license. If you need to make any changes to the software you can ask us to do it for your or buy a source code license and do it yourself.
Do I get discounts on upgrades?
Any upgrades released with in one year from your purchase date will be made available free of charge. There will be discounts for updates released after the one year period.
Do I have to renew my license annually
No. The license never expires.
Can I buy a source code license?
Yes. Please contact our sales team and request a source code license.
Can I see a demo?
Yes. You can use our online demo to test the applet against your own servers.
I just want a file upload solution for my web app can you help?
Certainly, you can either make use of the SFTP Applet or the Rad Uploader. Rad Uploader is a free drag and drop file upload applet with a progress indicator.

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