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secure file transfer applet

A family of Secure FTP clients with a Graphical User Interface. Created in pure java it's available for windows, linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Rad Inks broke new ground by making Rad SFTP available as an applet and went on to become a four star rated jar and was featured on the official java website.

Traditionally applets are not used for socket communications due to java sandbox limitation. Rad SFTP successfully overcomes these restrictions with the use of signed applets

Drag and Drop File Upload

file upload

Rad Upload is a Drag and Drop uploader for web applications. The DND applet allows you to replace the cumbersome and unintuitive file upload forms on your web site with a more user friendly Drag and Drop file upload system. Comes complete with an upload progress monitor.

Web Based MMS Composer

multimedia messaging system

The Rad Inks MMS composer paves the way for all internet users to benefit from multimedia messaging. Even user without MMS capable handsets can compose messages to other users with multimedia forms or email clients.

Rad Inks provides application services that allows web sites and portals to offer these benefits to their end users without incurring a large investment.

Rad Inks

Web based printing

Rad Inks is a web based printing manager scheduled to be released shortly. It's features include an online card designer, (which is available for download) and a complete order management system with a detailed draft approval process.



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