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Recursive Folder Upload

Hundreds of mega bytes in a single transfer.

Works over FTP and HTTP.

SSH for sensitive content

Drag and Drop or Copy Paste upload.

Rad Upload is an applet that can up load large volumes of data using either HTTP or FTP protocols. It's well suited for the print industry web sites. Your clients can make use of it to send you large very image or DTP files.

Your users may not be familiar with the cumbersome HTML only file upload forms. Rad Upload takes them back to the familiar territory of Drag and Drop which they use everyday to manage files on their computers.

FTP Uploads

Rad Upload

With Rad Upload visitors to your site do not need to know anything at all about the File Transfer Protocol to place their images on your FTP server. They don't need to concern themselves with usernames and passwords or whether to use active or passive mode. Rad Upload takes care of all that.

The drag and drop functionality is available for both FTP and HTTP uploads.

Graphical FTP Applet
For more tech savvy users we have a FTP applet with a rich graphical user interface. It's fast loading and easy to use. The applet is multithreaded and allows you to have several uploads and downloads taking place at once.

If you are concerned about security then the SFTP applet might prove the right option for you. Despite the similarity in names SFTP is a completely different protocol where all communications occurs over a SSH channel to ensure maximum security.

All three products RadUpload, the FTP applet and the SFTP applet can easily handle several hundred megabytes in a single transfer.

Customized Stand Alone Versions

All three products can be customized as standalone versions. They can be 'locked' so that your visitors can use them to send images exclusive to your servers. The look and feel of the product can be changed to meet your requirements. If needed the products can be re-branded as well. Contact us if you would like to have Rad Upload customized to be a standalone uploader for your service.


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