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What is Rad Inks Print Suite?
It is an application that will allow you to offer web based printing services to your customers. You can either download it and install it on your own server or make use of our hosted solution.
Can I get free download?
Is there an evaluation version.

You can download the software for evaluation purposes free of charge. You may not put this evaluation version for commercial use. You must discontinue using the evaluation version 30 days after the date of your first download.

The free download also includes Rad Upload Lite and the lite edition of the The card designer applet as well.

Can I get a free hosted trial?
As the first step you can try out the online demonstration available for for the print suite. Thereafter if you wish to try out the functionality of the admin module you can request a one week free trial. For this trial we set up a temporary online print shop for you, where you can try out all the features of the product.
What are the system requirements for installation?

Please see System Requirements page.

What is the card designer?
The card designer applet is a key component of the print suite. It can be thought of as a very simple graphics editing application custom made to design visiting cards.
Do you have a money back guarantee?

The print suite is not covered by a money back guarantee. Therefore we kindly ask that you make a full study of the product using the free online trial or by downloading the evaluation version.

We also recommend that you consider using hosted solution instead of downloading the software. This solution is created specifically to help lower the cost of bringing your printing business online.

Can I buy the source code?

As with all of our products the the source code license for the print suite is available for sale.

You can engage us to install and customize the Print Suite and Dependencies for you.

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Can I change the colors and icons and the appearance of the site
Yes. Anyone who is familiar with HTML - that means most people who work with web technologies can easily change the icons and colors. Your designer may need to know a little bit of JSP technology to change the appearance. In addition to that we can customize your site for you.
Can I see a demo
Certainly. Please click here. You need to have java installed
Can I use the Print Suite with a mysql database
Though we do not have an off the shelf download that works with mysql we can provide you with one for an additional fee of $500. Unlike other database vendors mysql insists on charging a license from software vendors selling mysql compatible software, part of the additional fee mentioned above will be used to cover this license fee. We apologies for the inconvenience caused but this issue is beyond our control.
Can I put the free trial to commercial use

If you download the evaluation version you cannot use it commerically. If you choose to try out the free hosted trial you may ask your clients to visit the site, but bear in mind that the trial is available only for a two week period and if you decide not to go ahead with an order the data you have stored in the system will become inaccessible.

Please contact us if you need further clarifications



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