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Have you seen our file upload solution for the print industry?

What is the card designer?

The card designer applet is a key component of the print suite. It can be thought of as a very simple graphics editing application custom made to design visiting cards.

It is not a replacement for desktop publishing software. I fact we have made a conscious effort not to make the applet resemble a DTP software. The designer is not a complete application on it's own. You need to combine it with existing web infrastructure to make full use it.

What do you mean use it as a component?

Though the applet can be used to design business cards you need additional infrastructure such as an order tracking systems to make full use of it. The the Rad Inks Print Suite does have these features.

In other words the applet can be thought of as a pre fabricated building block which you can use to build your online printing web site. It's only one such block, you will need others.

We have decided to make the designer available as a component at the request of several customers. You can either integrate the applet with your existing order management system yourself or ask us to do it for you.

If all this sounds very confusing please drop us a note and we will be happy to help you.

What are the system requirements for using it?

The applet is provided as a component intended to be integrated to exiting websites and applications. As such you need to have a database for storing the designs, a user management system and a simple file management system.

Visitors to your website would need to have the java plug in installed with their browser (this can be auto-installed on accessing the applet). You do not need to have java installed on the web server.

please also see the next question.

How do I integrate the applet with the rest of my site?

We have provided some sample php scripts to help you test out the applet once you download it. These scripts are nothing more than pencil sketches of the functionality that your serverside scripts need to provide. If you do not have software development skills in house we can do this customization for you or you.

We have several other components (such as the user manager) which can ease the task. Alternatively you can choose to obtain a license for our web based print suite.

Can I get free download?

Click Here to download Rad Card Lite edition free of charge.

Can I buy the source code?

Yes source code of the applet is available for sale.

Can I see a demo
click here. You need to have java installed.


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