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Integration of the Card Designer with other web applications

Have you seen our file upload solution for the print industry?

This article is intended to aid web application developers, system integraters and programmers attempting to integrate the card designer into existing websites.

If you are building a new site you would be better off downloading the complete print suite. the card design applet is one of it's components and as such you do not need to spend any time on integration efforts.

The applet needs server side components that provide the following fucntionality.

  • Generate list of saved designs
  • Save a new design
  • Retrive a previously saved design
  • Generate list of images available
  • Retrieve an image
  • Add new image (Standard Edition Only)
  • Retrieve list of canvas sizes

User Management and Design Ownership

To make full use of the designer, you need a web application where users need to login to the system before they can access the applet. That way you can easily associate each design with a particular user. The download includes a sample where the card designer has been integrated with the Rad User Manager and studying this sample would help you get started.

The images and the designs may be saved on a database, in the file system or a combination of both. Regardless of the storage system you would need a mechanism to identify the owner of each file.

File Management

A design for a visting card may have any number of embedded images. You would need a file management system that allows the user to upload new images and perhaps to remvoe unwanted images from the database

The standard edition is capable of uploading files on it's own. The lite edition, not being a signed applet cannot directly upload files to the server. Thus if you have downloaded the lite edition your file manager would need to provide a web interface for the user to upload his files. Rad Upload would be the perfect choice.


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