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Online Demo of Business Card Designer Component

There are three different demonstrations available representing the three different User Interfaces of the applet. The difference is much bigger than a change of skin. The three different flavours have unique behavior and appearances and intended to give you maximum flexibility in integrating the applet into your site.

With our applet the user can add images by copying and pasting them from his desktop. To achieve this functionality we have used signed applets. As with all signed applets you will see a dialog asking for additional permissions. Please grant them or you will not be able to make use of the copy paste functionality.


The Many Faces of Rad Card

menu driven


pop up box inline

Java Version.

The Card Designer is made of java and requires that you have java run time environment 1.4.2 or newer installed on your computer. If you do not have the right java plug-in installed you will be prompted to install it. If your browser does not support this auto install feature you can download the Java Run Time environment free from

User Interface

Three different user interfaces are available in this demo. Once the applet is deployed on your website, you can switch between UIs by editing just one line in the configuration (properties) file.


Icons to the applet are loaded from a zip file. You can completely change the icon set by just replacing this zip file with your own set of icons.


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