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What is it?

It is an applet.

It is a tool which provides your visitors a simple way of communicating their ideas and designs for visiting cards.

Online Business Card Design Component

The Rad Inks card Designer is a communication tool. A tool that allows your website's visitors to convey the design they have in mind across to you.

Most internet users do not have access to sophisticated Desktop Publishing Software or they are not too interested in learning how to use them. Asking them to sketch the design on a piece of paper, scan it and email it to you is not going to sit too well with them either.

Rad Card is an easy to use online business card design software that allows your clients to create their design right at your website. Some of the features include ability to add logos and icons position the text and images. Also included is a color picker to asign differnt colors to different items of text.

The card designer is not intended for use as a stand alone product and it is not a replacement for traditional graphic editing / DTP software. It is however ideal for integration with existing websites and applications. Which can be done quite easily thanks to the XML based architecture of the software.

Screen shot of design applet

An online demo is available and the lite edition can be Downloaded free of charge.

If you would like to customize the applet before installing on your site you can either purchase the source code or ask us to perform these changes for you.

If you have downloaded the pre release version (which was made available free of charge), please contact us to claim your discount.

:: See whats new in this release (V 1.20).


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