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A personalized MMS solution.

Our web composer is tightly integrated with the Rad User Manager, a software that is used to create personalized websites. This allows the end user of the web based messaging service to store his own collection of images and audio files online for personal use. This is in addition to the galleries available to all users.

A site powered by our software can have separate public and private spaces. The public area can be accessed with out a login and can be used to provide information about your services.

Access to the private (members) area requires username and password. The composer itself is hosted in the private space, which also includes the user's own image gallery. As you will see when you access our online demo, both personal images and the site wide image gallery are available to the user when composing messages.

The administrator is a special user, in addition to the members area he has access to a special admin area which can be used to add/remove/edit user accounts as well as manage the image galleries.


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