MMS Notification and Delivery.

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MMS Delivery.

By default the Rad MMS composer is equipped to deliver messages using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). SMTP is the very same protocol used in the delivery of email. It is also one of the recommended methods for Multimedia Message delivery.

It is however important to realize that a number of telecom service providers do not allow message delivery via SMTP. In such cases you will need to deliver messages through other means and we can offer a customized solution based on your potential user base and available infrastructure. The decision of how the delivery should be implemented depends largely on your network infrastructure and expected user base.

There is a smaller number of service providers that completely refuse to accept messages originating from other networks. For example if a hypothetical network 'A' refuses to accept messages from other networks, user of MMS enabled handsets from a network B would be unable to deliver to users of network A. The Rad MMS composer would be similar effected.

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