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Send Multimedia Messages with just a web browser.

Add Multimedia Messaging capabilities to your website with the Rad Inks web based MMS composer. A visitor to your site only needs a web browser to create a slide show and send the message to either a phone or email address.

Sample slides.

The in built composer on mobile phones can be difficult to use thanks to the small screen size and the lack of a a proper keyboard. The limited amount of storage space on these devices rules out the maintence of a comprehensive image gallery. In stark contrast a subscriber to the web service can store megabytes or even gigabytes of images and sounds in his personal space.

Instead of struggling with a twelve button keyboard, the user can just 'point and click' to compose new messages. Even the recipient of the message does not need to own a MMS phone since you can specify an email address as the end point.

Before delivery slide show can be viewed in the preview player, and the MM can be saved to an 'Outbox' afterwards. The links below describe the elements that make up our software, which is presently offered as a hosted solution.

Login and User Management System
Which allows you to manage access for different users and create a billable service.
Simple File Manager
Provides the infrastructure for users to upload their own pictures and sounds and to maintain their personal gallery.
The Composer
Create slide shows with images and sounds.
Preview Applet
The java applet can be used to view the slide show before the message is delivered
Delivery Agent (SMTP)
The default delivery mechanism is the Simple Mail Transport Protocol - SMTP. You can choose other options depending on your network infrastructure.

Learn more about our hosted solution.


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