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Let us ask you a question: Have you checked out our Special Offers?

What do you mean by per website license?

Please allow us to give you an example. Our company's main website is radinks.com if we purchase a single website license of any of our products we can deploy it on www.radinks.com and radinks.com because they are both identical. In other words radinks.com is an alias for www.radinks.com

We have another website at mms.radinks.com wich is different fro www.radinks.com, since we have already used our single website license on www.radinks.com the applet cannot be used on mms.radinks.com we need to purchase another license or you can buy the ISP license.

The important point to note is that though both websites have the same domain name (radinks.com) but mms.radinks.com and www.radinks.com have different content and different urls so they are different websites.

If you have several websites hosted on the same webserver you might want to look at our ISP license which can lead to huge savings.

If I buy a source license do I need to buy the website license as well?

If you only intend to deploy the applets on one website you do not need anything other than the source license. However if you install the applet on more than on website you do need to obtain a separate license for each site.

Some of our products (SFTP and FTP clients for example) are available as both stand alone and applets. In these cases you can use the source code license to produce a binary that can be used on one computer only. If you use it on more than one computer you need to obtain a separate license for each such installation.

Can I purchase your products online?

Yes. Several products are available for download and these include the print suite, Rad SFTP, and Rad Upload and Rad Upload. Both the MMS composer and the print suite are available as application services.

Our company is not an Internet Service Provider, can we still your the ISP License?
I have two websites hosted on two different servers can I make use of the ISP License?
In this scenario you will need to purchase two website licenses but we can offer you a generous discount and the price you pay will be comparable to an ISP license and in some cases (eg Rad Upload) lower than the price of an ISP license


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