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You may download The Rad Inks Print Suite for evaluation free of charge. If you continue to use the software after 30 days from the date of download, you must pay a license fee. The license is priced at $1950 per website or computer. The license entitles you to one year of free upgrades and sixty days of free email support.

Hosted Solutions

In addition to the download, the print suite is available as an application service which you can make use of with out having to paying license fees up front.

This is a hosted solution where we install and maintain the software on a webserver and charge you for usage of the server. In effect you are 'renting' the software instead of purchasing a license for it.

Since we take care of the setup and configuration and also carry out updates of both our software and other software running on the server as needed, your running cost is reduced to a minimum.


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