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Since our online store was opened in August 2003, we have had only 2 charge backs to date. Ample testimony to the quality of our product and our service. Many of our clients write to us each day, some of their comments are reproduced here.

Dave Barnes Says:

On a Friday afternoon (in Colorado, USA), I found the Rad Inks website and the Rad Upload product. Rad Upload appeared to be the solution for my problem. I downloaded Rad Upload Lite to see if indeed it was the solution. As with any new piece of software, I had some concerns and questions.

One concern was Rad Inks location in Sri Lanka, exactly halfway around the world and with a business day completely offset from mine.

I had questions about how to use the software (in spite of the thorough documentation). So, I started to submit questions via the Rad Inks website. A few answers were enough to convince me to purchase Rad Upload Plus.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I started to receive DETAILED answers almost immediately. Over the course of the weekend I continued to ask questions while trying to make the software do EXACTLY what I wanted. Again, I received answers. By Sunday afternoon, I had a solution up and running for my client.

Rad Inks is easily the most responsive software company I have ever done business with. I heartily recommend Rad Inks and its Rad Upload Plus product."

Ken Waletzki Says:

I just purchased your RAD Upload product. I NEVER buy software. I am an open-source user. I support open source and have contributed to it for longer than I would like to admit. I have seen several open source projects similar to yours which I was considering. However, after I downloaded and used your Rad UploadLite and discovered how easy it was to integrate into my php application, I decided to purchase your program.

Bill Sinko Says

I purchased Rad Upload Plus for a client and liked it so much I bought a license for myself! This is a simple, customizable, easy to install and use upload tool. I had a server that had some out of the ordinary requirements so I asked Rad Inks if there was any coding I could use for my specific set-up. Within days they created an upgrade for me that works beautifully! Great product and great customer service!


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